RFFM Solar Panel Cleaning

Dust, dirt, bird droppings are just some of the contaminants that’s affecting the productivity of your solar panels. Studies show that as little as 4 grams of dust per square meter can decrease power efficiency by up to 30%. Regular cleaning (every 6 to 12 months) of your solar collection is fundamental to it operating at full capacity and in turn you are reaping the benefits.


A solar panel typically consists of solar cells covered by a protective glass, and as they are exposed to external elements, the more likely it is they will get dirty and require cleaning. Essentially, the dirtier the panel the less amount of electricity they will produce. While there may be other factors that affect how much electricity solar panels can produce, dirty solar panels are a major one.


RFFM has carried out solar panel cleaning on businesses across Victoria and developed tried and tested methods to optimise our service to guarantee customer satisfaction. Your solar panels are an expensive investment and it is wise to ensure they are cleaned by fully insured and trained professionals.


At RFFM we pride ourselves in working hard and achieving outstanding results. We strive to be leaders in our field in all that we do. We distance ourselves from our competition as not only experts in solar panel cleaning but also specialists in the installation of NANO COATING for solar applications.

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Well maintained and clean panels is essential for efficient power generation. Less contaminants on solar panels means less maintenance and higher overall energy production. It’s not hard to see that any reduction in accumulated dust and contaminants is going to improve the projects ROI and other key measurables.


The concept behind nano solar coating is to ensure that solar panels remain efficient by allowing them self-cleaning properties and making them much easier to clean when required.

Nano Coating physically and chemically bonds with the surface material (glass) creating a strong hydrophobic effect which also makes it much harder for dirt to adhere to. Once water (from rain or a hose in dryer climates) encounters the surface the water droplets simply roll off the surface taking dust and dirt with them. Panels stay cleaner for longer, ensuring maximum efficiency is maintained. They incur much lower cleaning costs and can produce more electricity than the equivalent non-coated panels by remaining cleaner all year round. 


Panels can be coated on the ground prior to installation to give the panels protection from the get-go. Alternatively, panels that are already installed can be coated after an initial clean, giving them longer protection and only requiring a touch up clean 18 months after its application to ensure the coating is still active and working correctly, hence reducing cleaning cost over time.


We can guarantee the coating to last 3 years on the solar panels depending on their environment and providing maintenance cleans are carried out as necessary.


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Commercial Cleaning

We aim to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution tailored to your business needs.

From our experienced staff to our eco friendly products we thrive for customer satisfaction.

Some of our cleaning services include:

  • solar panel cleaning

  • nano coating specialist

  • vacate cleans

  • carpet steam cleans

  • strip and seals

  • window cleaning

  • pressure cleaning

  • rubbish removal

  • office cleans

  • general cleans

Facilities Management

RFFM provide an extensive range of specialized facilities management and consulting services.


Our experienced Facilities Management team coordinates maintenance requirements with uniquely customized support. We ensure each facility is proactively managed and operating at their most efficient.

Our Customer Service Managers provide job tracking, expenditure, reporting and project management of works, including the centralized scheduling of labour.


We will work with you to offer flexible and innovative solutions to drive down long-term costs and provide an improved service offering.


Property Maintenance

As a company we aim to give our clients a hassle free experience by offering a complete approach to property maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • plumbing

  • electrical

  • garden maintenance

  • fencing

  • carpentry

  • painting

  • concreting

  • bricklaying

  • tiling and Caulking

  • plastering



As individuals with many years of experience within various fields from building and construction to corporate insurances, banking and building management, we have collaborated to be able to provide many if not all services our clients may require.

At Royal Flush Facilities Management we strive for excellence, highest quality, integrity and positive outcomes


Over the last 15 years Royal Flush Facilities Management Pty Ltd has been delivering high quality service all across Melbourne. Through the diversification of services and hard work RFFM has developed into a company which can confidently say its services are second to none. From building management, to cleaning and maintenance, RFFM can cater for all.

Previously known as Madrid Cleaning, we have recently made key inclusions and expanded our operation which now enables RFFM to offer a wide range of services. From our humble beginnings, operating mostly in the cleaning industry, we have evolved into a multi-layered company offering maintenance, building management and caretaking. Not only can Owners Corporation Managers rely on us for tailored cleaning solutions but they can also rely on RFFM’s network of contractors to facilitate and fulfil all their maintenance requests.  RFFM also supplies and trains future building managers. 

Our experienced team of contractors also includes but are not limited to: Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Tilers, Plasterers and Locksmiths. These contractors are aware of our RFFM high expectations, values and integrity. Customer satisfaction is RFFM’s upmost priority.

Owners and Directors Miguel Barrigos and Alex Gonzalez have fortified their management and operations team with the guidance and advice from their mentor Luis Barrigos (operations/building management with over 25 years building management experience). RFFM team is strongly positioned to deliver on every customer requirement or needs.

As individuals with many years of experience within various fields from building and construction to corporate insurances, banking and building management, we have joined forces to be able to assist and provide any service that our clients may demand or require.

Miguel Barrigos is an expert when it comes to the ins and outs of managing a successful business and has a wealth of knowledge in the cleaning industry. With a background in cleaning and corporate insurance he knows the pressures and demands of high-profile clients and how to best tailor solutions to their specific requirements.

Alex Gonzalez has a vast experience in the building and construction field. A licensed Plumber by trade, he has strong knowledge across all forms of building and maintenance. Through the variety of his work he has developed a vast knowledge of how contactors work and operate. Which is critical to ensure work is done efficiently to a high standard and in accordance with guidelines and regulations.

Luis Barrigos is the most experienced member of our team. With over 30 years in the cleaning industry his input is 2nd to none. Alongside, his extensive knowledge in the cleaning industry he has also spent many years as a building manager working for some of Melbourne’s largest OCM’S.  Hence, he is responsible for the training of our current building managers.



For any Enquiries, questions or recomendations, please email: info@rffm.com.au or fill out the following form

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