From our experienced commercial cleaning staff to our eco friendly commercial cleaning supplies we thrive for customer satisfaction with our commercial cleaning services in Melbourne and further Victoria.

Commercial cleaning is a multi-layered and vital service which ensures that your property or business are maintained to the highest levels of cleanliness. RFFM has a proud history of offering professional cleaning services for commercial, industrial and retail properties all across Victoria.


RFFM offers a multitude of essential commercial cleaning services in Melbourne and Victoria such as: solar panel cleaning and nano-coating; carpet steam cleaning and vacate cleaning; window cleaning; pressure cleaning of all surfaces; office cleaning and rubbish removal; and general cleaning of your premises.


RFFM is happy to offer commercial cleaning services for a wide range of budgets and for businesses large and small, including the provision of multiple, tailored services at competitive rates, so that your business can look and function at its best.


Why hire a commercial cleaning company instead of doing it yourself? Because you know if you go with RFFM for commercial cleaning services, you'll get a high quality job. Commercial cleaning is no easy task, regularly cleaning commercial areas is imperative for staff and visitors to your commercial area, as well as showcasing your business in the best light. Dirty and unhygienic areas are not good for business. Instead of trying to find commercial cleaning supplies yourself and taking the time to ensure everything is clean to a highs standard, leave it to the commercial cleaning experts. All of RFFM commercial cleaning employees are highly trained and qualified, ensuring that work is undertaken proactively and any issues are tackled swiftly and safely, to meet and surpass your expectations, as well as WHS and Australian standards. All of our commercial cleaning supplies and equipment are of the highest quality, ensuring you see excellent results.​ Whether you're looking for commercial cleaning services in Melbourne, Geelong, Mildura or Warnambool, RFFM offer commercial cleaning all across Victoria, So you can relax knowing your business is being cleaned to the highest standard, by cleaners who know what they're doing.

Our commercial cleaning services available in Melbourne, Geelong, Mildura, Shepparton, Warnambook and all over Victoria, include –

We offer commercial cleaning services all across Victoria including these popular cities:


As individuals with many years of experience in providing commercial cleaning for Victorians, we strive for excellence, and positive outcomes for our clients. Finding a commercial cleaning company that offers experienced, trustworthy and reliable service is important, so go with RFFM, trusted by Victorians for over 15 years.

Local Business
Fully Trained Industry
Fully Insured & Police 

Their professionalism, honesty and efficiency has been clearly evident throughout this

Their dedication to ensuring they consistently provide the most outstanding service to their
clients has been exceptional in our experience.


Christos Apostolakis


‘RFFM’ and their staff have always been reliable and gone the extra mile. They have
completed all tasks required to the utmost satisfaction of myself and my clients and we look forward in continuing our relationship for many years to come.

Bernhard Ziegler




What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of offices, businesses and work spaces such as warehouses, clubs, cinemas, etc. Commercial cleaners often use highly specialised equipment and stronger chemical agents due to the increased foot traffic or type of work undertaken in commercial spaces.

How to keep school canteen clean?

School canteens can be difficult to keep clean as they must adhere to a higher standard of cleanliness than private kitchens. Therefore it’s best to approach cleaning in a systematic way with the use of checklists, or even better, to leave it to the professionals such as Royal Flush Facilities Management.

How to keep our school clean and neat?

With hundreds or even thousands of people congregating in schools every day, it’s vital that they are cleaned daily to ensure high standards of cleanliness are maintained. This is why the majority of schools outsource their cleaning to commercial cleaning services like Royal Flush Facilities Management as we are able to handle cleaning jobs of any size.

Who needs commercial cleaning services?

If you find that it’s difficult to both run a successful business as well as keep on top of cleaning, then you’re not alone. Commercial leaning services can be used by businesses of any size, regardless of the industry in which you work.

How often should a gym be cleaned?

Due to the types of vigorous activities undertaken in gyms which result in lots of perspiration and exhalation and the potential spreading of germs, gym equipment should be cleaned after every use, and the whole of the gym should be cleaned thoroughly every day. Royal Flush Facilities Management are experts in gym cleaning and can help you with this important job.

How often should schools be cleaned?

As most schools host large numbers of people daily, it’s important that they are also cleaned daily, to not only deal with tasks such as rubbish removal but to also limit the spread of germs and viruses.

What cleaning services should I expect from a commercial cleaner?

Most reputable commercial cleaning services will offer services such as rubbish removal, glass and surface cleaning, dusting and mopping, and kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

What other cleaning services do you offer?

Royal Flush Facilities Management offer a wide range of cleaning services, such as:

- solar panel cleaning

- commercial cleaning

- carpet steam cleaning

- high-pressure cleaning

- property maintenance

- general cleaning

- vacate cleaning

- rubbish removal

- window cleaning

- office cleaning



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