Well maintained and clean solar panels are essential for efficient power generation. Nano coating will help your solar panels to stay cleaner for longer. 

Solar panels work best when they are free of dirt and other contaminants which can affect the amount of sunlight that reaches the cells, and therefore the ROI for your panels. RFFM specialises in applying a nano coating which physically and chemically bonds to the solar panels, creating a hydrophobic effect which repels water and dirt. Our professional team are experts in the nano coating process and understand the best nano coating methods to use, ensuring you receive high quality service.

Nano coating can be applied before the panels are installed, or afterwards following an initial clean, and they may require a touch-up clean only every 18 months to ensure the coating is still active. RFFM guarantees that the coating will last for three years, depending on the environment.


As individuals with many years of experience providing nano-coating services to Victorians we strive for excellence, and positive outcomes for our clients. Solar panels are great for the environment and help add to a greener future, and are a great way to save money on your energy bills. Therefore, you want your investment to be well maintained by a professional who knows what they're doing.

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Their professionalism, honesty and efficiency has been clearly evident throughout this

Their dedication to ensuring they consistently provide the most outstanding service to their
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Christos Apostolakis


‘RFFM’ and their staff have always been reliable and gone the extra mile. They have
completed all tasks required to the utmost satisfaction of myself and my clients and we look forward in continuing our relationship for many years to come.

Bernhard Ziegler




What is nano coating?

Nano coating is a thin layer of microscopic ceramic particles which repel water, oil and dirt from a surface and help to keep it clean.

How does nano coating work?

Nano coating acts as a hydrophobic (water repellent) barrier on surfaces to stop water, oil and dirt from sticking to or staining a surface. Nano coating is very effective in helping solar panels to stay clean, which improves their effectiveness and the amount of sunlight they can convert to electricity.

How much does nano coating cost?

The cost of our nano coating services vary, depending on how many solar panels are installed, etc. Please contact us for a free quote today!

How long does nano coating last?

Royal Flush Facilities Management guarantee that our nano protective coating will last for three years, depending on the environment.

Is nano coating worth it?

Yes, particularly on solar panels, as nano coating will not only help to keep them clean (and therefore require less maintenance), but it will also make them more efficient and increase the amount of sunlight they can convert to electricity.


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